We seek to improve human lives by providing solutions for corporate excellence, process optimization and the key area of human capital management which all ensure better workforce for the organizations and better quality products for the consumers.

Sofcom is a product centric company that has state of the art applications in the area of Human Capital Management, Process Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. These applications cater to the needs of customers representing various business and industry segments.

Our solutions have built-in intelligence to meet international industry standards and corporate procedures. They are easy to implement due to their great flexibility and user-friendly interface. The constant version upgrades of our software applications not only enhance the products’ life cycle but also protect our customer’s valuable investment.


HARMONY is a comprehensive suite of Human Capital Management which is being used by a number of prestigious multinational and large national companies.

Our clients represent various industry segments such as Banks, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food processing.

Spectrum is a software solution that helps to ensure consistent product and process quality, resource optimization and reduction of variation. It also facilitates compliance to your internal and external controls and standard operating procedures (SOPs). It offers users the ease to precisely monitor various quality parameters at every stage of process and manufacturing.